Take the Divers For Turtles Pledge

When diving with sea turtles, I will take the following steps to protect them and reduce stress:

  • Give turtles space, avoid touching or feeding them, and keep camera sticks away

  • Keep my fins and body away from coral

  • Use coral-friendly sunscreen or shirts to protect from the sun

  • Collect any plastic waste that I find

  • Obey all local regulations

When outside of the water, I will help protect turtles by:

  • Avoid buying turtleshell products and avoid vendors who sell them

  • Reduce my use of single-use plastic like bags, bottles, and straws

  • Reduce my carbon footprint by using public transportation, renewable energy, and energy conservation

  • Avoid seafood or eat sustainably sourced seafood

Pledge Benefits:

  • Personalized e-certificate

  • Discount on our online store

  • Regular updates on how to protect sea turtles and the ocean

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